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Moving forward in a digital age

When you create a compelling personal brand for your consumers to relate to, you invite them into your world and engage with them on a journey together. This helps make it very difficult for your competitors to copy the relationships you forge. Nobody can duplicate the essence of who you are as a person, so the more you put of this into your brand as possible, the more watertight it is. ~ Ben Angel

We are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada providing Business Branding | Digital Marketing Strategies | Event Marketing & Promotion | Video Marketing & Production | and Web Design.

It is no secret that our world is social, visual and interactive but in today’s world we are doing it digitally.  The days of face-to-face are fading and everyone now has a chance to view your business online, see your reputation, see photos that you’ve posted and things that you have said.  They come to their own conclusions before they will decide to deal with you or not.

We understand, we came from the days of phone calls and meetings, mail outs and postcards.  Christmas & birthday greetings came in the mail and not electronically.  You cut coupons to take with you to buy your products.  You woke up to your newspaper sitting on your porch and from there you enjoyed your morning coffee and read up on your city/town news and saw the advertisements.

Now we have come to a completely different age where you no longer must worry if your ads are working because we can now see who is interacting with our ads.  We can get “fans” of our business without even stepping away from our computer.

I started Bang Up Productions because I knew that, as fast as everything changed, the education that brought us into this profession may not have taught us everything.  I have research, I constantly educate myself on upcoming changes, and I have a knack for human connection…even if it’s digital.

  • Do you want feedback on your social marketing plan or want guidance on putting one together?
  • Do you need help understanding your web presence so that people can easily find you online and have Google rank you better?
  • Do you wonder what social platforms for marketing right for your business?
  • Do you need more visibility as a local business and want to know how to get found online?
  • Can you clearly verbalize what makes your business different and why someone should work with you rather than your competition?
  • Are you confused by social media and how to use it to gain visibility for your small business?

I help you get focused on just the activities you need. You don’t need to do everything that’s available to you. You just need to select the right strategies and execute them consistently for your business to stand out.

Our services

There is no copy and paste marketing or branding solutions. Each business is unique and we treat it as such. When local small businesses succeed, our community succeeds.

Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing GoalsOur marketing strategy services are customized specifically for your needs and help you implement the right marketing for your business. We offer guidance and support in areas such as inbound marketing, video marketing and developing your web presence, all that are crucial to your online visibility.

DIY Digital Marketing Solutions

Online Marketing PlatformDo you know where you sit in the World of online marketing? Do you know how you compare to your competitors? Do you spend hours posting, updating, researching? We have multiple platforms that will help you grow and sustain your online presence and SAVE you time and accuracy.

Video Production & Animation

Saskatoon Video ProductionIt’s simple – if an image’s worth is thousand words, a video’s worth would be a billion. People just love being visually stimulated, and video is by far the single most effective medium that leads to decision making.

Web Design

Saskatoon Web DesignMoving forward, it will be extremely critical that your website provides mobile users an easy-to-use experience. Having a mobile website is no longer simply a nice feature — rather, it is now a necessity and literally impacts the growth of your business.

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When our community businesses succeed, we ALL succeed.

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